At our home and in our offices electrical power has become a modern day dependency and a requirement to have in our everyday life. From simple wood fires to heat up our homes which in itself had its dangers back in the day we now depend on electricity, but electricity also has its dangers. When it comes to simple things like boiling the water in a kettle to toasting toast in a toaster, it is all powered by a source of electricity. We have become so dependent on this electricity that essentially it has become the source to make a home livable from the heating we need for the winter and light we need for when it becomes too dark to see.

We understand what is required in daily life as electricians, to power up a home and how much of that power of electricity is being used. From simple machines like your coffee maker to more complicated machines like your washer machine. All of these items require electricity and how important it is to have an electrical source that is in prime condition to keep the household safe.


One of our key components we like to employ at CBS electric is constant and regular communication with our clients. It is crucial to keep the communication going between our clients from when we do the install to the maintenance in the year round from when we start a job and finish a job. Most clients and people won’t consider any potential electrical issues unless the power goes out or some appliance has stopped working. It is our job to make sure that the client electrical connections are working and are safe no matter how small or how big the job is.

One of the great ways to stay in touch with our clients is by doing regular check-ups just like you would with a doctor. We do this by monthly contacting our clients through phone or by simple emails we send out to ensure everything is working smoothly. This is also a great way to build your customers personal relationship but also helps to ensure we are there for assistance if something goes wrong. We want to make sure everything is functional and is working correctly, so that we know when our clients leave their home for the day, their home will be safe for when they return.

Communication is always something we feel is important at CBS Electric no matter how old the job was. So we like to keep in touch with our clients no matter if they choose to work with us or not. Communication is key to every job no matter what field or business you are in.

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