B.C Residents May Be Entitled To Up To $8000 In Electric Car Rebates in 2021


More and more we are seeing consumers turn to electric as they  trade in the combustible engine vehicle for an electric vehicle (EV) and for good reason! Just look at the benefits of electric cars: 


The Environmental Benefits: EVs produce fewer emissions than their gas-fuelled counter-parts. When you drive an EV, feel confident that you are contributing to cleaner air! 

HOV Perks: With an electric vehicle in tow, feel free to cruise in the HOV lane! Yes, even if you are the only person in the vehicle you may use the HOV lane in B.C unless a sign is posted indicating otherwise. Just make sure your EV is displaying the official decal! 

Save on Maintenance: Gas-fuelled engines have about 2,000 moving parts, electric vehicles contain about 20.  Less moving parts = less parts to fix. 

Save on Fuel:  Say goodbye to buying gasoline! Yes you will need to spend money on electricity, but it’s cheaper and the prices don’t fluctuate as much as gas. 

Maybe you knew about all of those perks-


But did you know you could receive up to $8000 in electric car rebates in B.C? 


There are provincial programs available that aim to make the purchase of an EV more affordable. Listed below are some of the programs that will help you on your way: 

SCRAP-IT: Provides incentives and rebates of up to $6000 when you scrap your gas-powered vehicle for an EV. Learn more at: https://scrapit.ca/

CEVforBC: Provides rebates of up to $3000 when you purchase or lease qualifying EVs, go to CEVforBC to find qualifying vehicles near you. 


 But Wait There’s More: Your Rebates Don’t End After Your Car Purchase


FortisBC and BC Hydro are offering  **rebates for when you plan, purchase and install EV charging equipment in your single-family home, apartment/condo, and workplace


Single-Family Home:

  • Up to $350 rebates when you purchase and install an electric car charger/ charging station in your single-family home

Apartments & Condos:

  • Up to $3,000 for creating a building EV Ready plan
  • Up to $600 per parking stall
  • Up to $1400 per charger
  • Or up to $2000 for a standalone charger


  • Up to $2000 per charger


**As of December 2020,  BC Hydro and Fortis BC will be raising the rebate amount for a limited time offer. Check in with your electricity provider to see if this offer is still available! The rebates listed above are the regular rebates, but you may be entitled to more! 


Making the switch to electric may seem daunting daunting at first, but with the help of British Columbia’s  incentive programs this may be your best move yet –  It seems like there’s a rebate for every step of the way – Whether you are scraping your old vehicle or purchasing your EV charging station.


Where to Begin?

In the end the B.C government wants to make it easier for YOU to make the switch to electric, and at CBS Electrical, we are here to help you all along the way.

  • Do you have questions about electric car rebates?
  • Maybe you would you like more information on EV charging stations
  • Or maybe you are ready for your electric car charger installation


Whatever stage you are at your Electric Vehicle journey – give us a call! We can take it from there.

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