Spring is here and it is time to start your annual spring cleaning! We’re sure your list of chores is long but we have one more chore for you: cleaning your light fixtures! Specifically the glass globes that contain your bulb. 

The entire purpose of your light fixtures is to brighten your space. When you have a dusty fixture, some of that light is blocked and you are left with a dimmer space. 

Since dust builds up slowly over time, you don’t even notice that your home is not as bright as it usually is. 

What are the benefits of a clean light globe?

  • A brighter home 
  • Shiny/new-looking fixtures (very aesthetic!)
  • Less dust
  • Save energy 

Before you start…

Please note that this post is directed towards glass light globes, these are not instructions for fabric or any other material other than glass. 

Before you begin, make sure you have all of the materials that you need: 

  • A step ladder – if your lights are up high
  • Safety goggles – This is to protect your eyes from debris that falls from the ceiling or fixture as you clean and/or disassemble it. 
  • A large towel to place the globe on 
  • Dry soft microfiber/lint-free cloths
  • Warm water
  • Mild dish detergent (for extra dirty glass globes) 

A note on safety: Always make sure your electronics are turned off before you clean them to avoid the risk of shock. Do not touch a freshly turned-off bulb as it may be hot, wait for the bulb to cool down. And as always, to avoid breakage be careful and gentle when you clean and handle the globe.

How to clean your light globe

1. Power Off

Before you touch the light globe make sure the light that you are cleaning is powered off and cooled down. Depending on your type of lightbulb, you may need to wait 10-15 minutes for your bulb to fully cool down. 

2. Remove the Globe

Most light globes can easily be screwed off, make sure you do this carefully so you don’t drop and break the globe, you may want to wear safety goggles here to stop any dust and debris from getting in your eyes. Remove the globe and place it somewhere safe – we suggest the globe be placed on a counter with a towel for padding 

3. Clean the bulb

Make sure you gently wipe the bulb with a DRY lint free cloth. 

4. Empty the globe

 Depending on the type of globe you may notice that there is loose debris (oftentimes dead flies) inside of it. Gently shake the globe over a garbage to empty out the  debris

5. Wash the glass globe

How you clean the globe depends on how dirty it is: 


  • Does your globe have a light layer of dust? You may only need to gently  wipe it down with a dry microfiber cloth. 
  • Is your globe dusty AND sticky. If your globe has sticky dust then it is best to wash this globe with warm soapy water (mild dish soap is great for degreasing this type of dust!)  and a wet microfibre cloth. You can wash the globe in the sink but be very careful and gentle to avoid glass breakage.

6. Dry the globe

Pat the globe dry with a lint-free cloth. Make sure it is completely dry before adding it back into place.

7. Assemble

Put on your safety goggles and carefully screw the clean/dry globe back into place. Be mindful that you do not hit the lightbulb while you do so.

Brighten your home by ensuring your light globes are clean. To keep on top of light fixture cleaning, give your globes a quick dust with a microfiber cloth whenever you clean your home, and then give them a more thorough cleaning/ wash with each season change. 

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