Without proper outdoor lighting, your lawn may very well be a hazard and your home a target for intruders. This relatively affordable security measure is an effective and fairly easy way to increase safety and security, and more!

 Keep reading to find all the benefits of outdoor lighting. 

Types of Outdoor Security Lighting

Before we get into the amazing benefits of outdoor lighting, let’s first talk about these two popular types.

The most common types of home outdoor security lights are

  • Motion-activated lights and
  • Timed lights (Controlled Timing System Lights) .

Motion-activated lights turn on at the moment motion is detected. They turn off after no motion has been detected after a predetermined amount of time.

Timed lights turn on and off at a predetermined time, they are usually configured to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Unlike manually activated lights, both motion-activated and timed security lights provide a hands-off approach to lighting. Once they are installed and configured you can sit back and let them do their job!


Motion Activated Lights: Turns On when Motion is Detected


Lights Turn on at Dusk (Programmed Timer)

Now The Benefits

1. Security.

motion activated security lighting notifying a home owner

Motion-activated lights act as a silent, visual alarm. If someone (a guest or an intruder) enters your property your lights will turn on and you will be alerted of their arrival.

 Even when you are not home, motion-activated lights can effectively deter intruders. A suddenly triggered light will catch an intruder off guard and make it feel as if there is a spotlight on them. Even if no one is home, an intruder can’t help but feel visible.

Timed-lights secure the residence by lighting up the shadows of a property. A professionally placed timed-light will get into all of those dark nooks and crannies on the exterior of your home. Adding light to all of those corners provides a huge deterrent for intruders who are looking for a place to hide. It will also make it easy for your neighbours and neighbourhood watch to spot any unusual activity.

2. Safety & Easy Passage

motion activated garage light installation

Provide a  welcome and safe passage with your motion-activated lights, as they turn on when you or your guests arrive at the property.

Timed-lights provide visibility to avoidable hazards. You may know how many steps are on the staircase leading out of your house, but your guests may not! Timed lights help people see all of the possible hazards when they enter or exit the property. Your Skip The Dishes Courier will appreciate it!

3. Deter Unwanted Wildlife

exterior lighting startling a rabbit

Motion-activated lights make for an effective and harmless deterrent against wildlife. A sudden motion-activated light may startle unwanted wildlife such as rabbits, raccoons, and skunks and deter them from nesting around property or messing with the garden/ lawn.

4. Insurance Discounts

insurance discounts with increased security
It’s simple, Increased security = decreased premiums. Since outdoor lighting decreases the likelihood of vandalization and robbery incidents, you may be entitled to lower home insurance premiums.

5. Aesthetics

exterior landscape lighting

Timed lights are not only for security and safety, they also provide a wonderful aesthetic look to the outside of your house, giving it a warm and welcoming feel.

Do you like entertaining? Timed lights are also effective in enhancing the outdoor entertaining experience especially when paired with landscape lighting.

6. Increased Property Value

increased property value

A beautiful and secure home is a valuable home. Professionally installed outdoor security will increase the overall value of your home should you decide to sell. 

With all the benefits listed above it’s no wonder why these lights are seen on so many residential and commercial properties. Now that you know these benefits, it’s time to take the next step and get them installed!

And if security and safety is your priority, consider adding additional security measures to ensure added peace of mind for you and your family.

At CBS Electric, not only can we install security lighting but we can also install security alarm systems, security cameras, CCTVs and so much more! We provide both interior and exterior security systems and installation services in Victoria and Nanaimo BC.

Interested in security? Check out our residential and commercial security services!

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