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Every commercial building needs to have an industrial grade fire alarm system in place, which is professionally installed and maintained. Protecting people and keeping them safe is our number one pirotity, for those who are working on site. This is along with protecting valuable merchandise, equipment, data, and the building itself. Having a proper fire detection system and a industrial grade fire alarm system that is up to code helps us meet stringent laws, and keep insurance costs down for you or your company. Combining quality equipment with smart planning makes for a safer experience for everyone involved.

Planning out the fire alarm system is a very important step in the process to keep everyone safe. By doing so, it helps ensure that the different areas of the building are monitored 24 hours, and devices & equipment are set up at every appropriate location for a automatic fire sprinkler. Our technicians have high standards when it comes to mapping out, installing, testing and maintaining your fire alarm system. We take careful consideration when it comes to factors such as the number of employees, size of space, and type of business when se are setting up the fire alarms.


Automatic Fire Sprinkler System


Automatic Fire Alarm Bell and Emergency Light

Alarm System Options

There are many different options for fire alarm systems to consider, when it comes to planning out an installation. Monitored alarm systems help reduce emergency response times, and helps keep your space protected at all times, even after everyone has gone home our fire alarms keep on working. Some fire systems integrate with security systems to make overall safety management more efficient. Some instances call for a backup power source to run safety equipment in the event that there’s an outage, or damage to the electrical system occurs. Not sure where to start? Get in touch to consult with our experts on which fire alarm system is best for you.

Most systems are wired in, however wireless ones are becoming more and more common. It’s clean and quick when it comes to setting things up in an existing structure and a existing sprinkler system. The installation has a low impact on businesses which are active in the space, and it is an ideal solution for temporary situations. A system like this can be addressable, and devices can be fitted with long-life batteries that will last for several years.

Addressable Systems

These types of fire alarm systems are used in buildings which have large spaces and / or multiple storeys. They have panels which indicate a triggered alarm’s specific location. They can accompany large networks, and make it possible to adjust devices remotely from a panel. An addressable system is versatile, allowing for changes in devices and service providers.

Fire Alarm Components

Fire Alarm Control Panel (Fire Panel


Emergency Lighting, Bell, and Speaker for Commercial Buildings

Non-Addressable Systems

Smaller businesses who are seeking an effective, lower budget solution might consider having this type of system in place. This might include spaces where it’s less important to identify which smoke alarm is being triggered, such as in restaurants and retail stores.


Most Common Fire Alarm System

Basic Commercial Fire Bell

Fire Bell Sounds When Fire Alarm Activated


Fire Alarm Encased with a Lift Cover

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