There has been a shift with drivers today. Extraordinarily high gas prices have left today’s drivers looking for alternatives…

Enter the electric vehicle, or EV!

People prefer EVs for a number of reasons – they’re environmentally friendly, they have low running costs, and with soaring gas prices they keep more cash in your wallet. But how do you keep your EV charged? While businesses and municipalities are starting to install electric charging stations the
simplest and sure-fire way to make sure your EV always has a charge is to charge it at home. We can help with that!

Our CBS Electric Electricians can install an EV charger at your home, office or vacation property so you can charge where and when you’d like and be on the move when you need to be.

What do I need to charge my EV at home?

You have choices here, and our expert electricians can help you choose what’s right for you. For a simple charging station, you could use an EVSE supply cable for a 3-pin plug socket, or you could have a 240v 30-40 amp charging point installed directly. If this goes over your head, think speed and bonus features! A charging point will offer a faster charging speed with the possibility of extra features like Wi-Fi notification, speed and security. An EV charging station at home is weatherproof, is compact and may increase the value of your home as more and more people are driving EVs. And the best part – once our experts install your charging station all you’ll need to do is park and plug. Simple!

What are the advantages?

There are so many reasons why people are choosing to get home charging stations installed. And if your EV charging station is installed by a qualified professionals like our team at CBS electric you can expect some awesome benefits:

  • Much faster charging speed than an EVSE supply cable plugged into a 3-pin socket. Think fully charged in 1-3 hours!
  • Built-in safety features like emergency shut-off switches and ground fault protection.
  • Convenience convenience convenience!
  • Increases your property value. An EV charging station may make your home more desirable to potential buyers.
  • It is easy to uninstall or relocate if you choose.

How long does it take to install?
Typically less than a day!

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary depending on your home situation and the type of charger. Our team will be happy to go over any estimate with you and break down a custom-quote to make sure you’re getting the best deal and service. Give us a call to learn more at 778-433-1455

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