What Is An Electrical Home Inspection?

An electrical home inspection is when someone (usually a licensed electrician)  thoroughly examines the electrical system of a home and ensures that the wires, components and all electrical systems are up to code and meet the standard safety requirements.

When Should I Get an Electrical Inspection?

Before You Buy a New Home

On the outside, that new house may look like a dream. But don’t fall in love just yet, make sure you have a professional look at the inside of that home to ensure that it is safe. Additionally you want to make sure that the quality of the home reflects the price, especially with the skyrocketing housing prices here on Vancouver Island. 

Are you interested in buying an older home? A home inspection is especially important if the home in question is older than 30; you won’t know how up-to-date the wiring is until you have an electrician inspect it. Know your home before you buy!

If Your Home is 30 Years or Older

In addition to that last point, make sure you get a whole house electrical safety inspection on any homes older than 30 years of age. This includes homes you are about to buy and homes you are already in possession of. 

As homes age they need upgrades, this includes the wiring. Once your house hits its 30 year mark, it is time to check and see if any electrical upgrades are needed both for safety and to modernize the house (more outlets!). This is especially important if you want to catch any potential electrical hazards before they become a problem.

Before Any Major Renovations

Having major home renovations done? You will want to make sure that your current electrical system is able to handle the new additions to your home. And there is no better time to do so than when the walls are already open and the electrical wires are exposed. For this reason, when you pair an inspection with a renovation you will find the inspection to be at its most cost-effective point.

For Your Insurance

To ensure your home is fairly low risk, your home insurance provider may request a whole home electrical inspection report from you. They might want this for a number of reasons: 

  • Because you just purchased the home
  • The home is old enough to warrant a check-up
  • You have just switched insurance providers

Whatever the reason is, it is especially important that you choose a professional inspection with a full inspection report otherwise your insurance provider may not accept it. 

If You Notice Any Electrical Oddities

And lastly, if you ever notice any of these electrical oddities, it is time to call a professional. 

  • Sparks  – if your outlets, fuse boxes, or anything else within your house’s electrical system is emitting sparks it is a potential fire hazard and could cause some serious harm.
  • An Insufficient Amount of Outlets – Do you find yourself using many extension cords or multi-socket units? Are there just not enough outlets in your house? There’s a good chance your house is not up to date and you need to upgrade your electrical system to fit in with modern day households. If your house does not have enough outlets it will be inconvenient and it will also expose you to increased power outages and power surges. 
  • Exposed wires – wires should not be exposed out of the walls. Exposed wires can cause electrical fires and/or accidental electrocutions. Do not touch these wires, instead have an electrician look them over.
  • Electrical noises – You should not hear buzzing, humming, zapping from your house’s electrical system. It is, however,  normal for your appliances to make a noise (ei the fridge might hum) but not from within your electrical circuit. If you hear odd noises from your electrical circuit, call an electrician and determine if an inspection is necessary.
  • Smells – If you notice a burning smell from your outlets, circuit panel, wires, or anywhere else in your electrical system this could be a sign of an electrical fire hazard.
  • Flickering lights – If your lights are flickering you may need an electrical upgrade.

But don’t just stick to this list, if you notice something just isn’t quite right with your electrical system, trust your gut and call a professional! 

In conclusion, your house may look tip-top on the outside, but you never know what’s really happening on the inside until you have a professional inspection. Know the status of your electrical system to avoid power surges, electrical fires, accidental electrocutions, and surprising fees and call a professional today!

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