Commercial Interior and Exterior Lighting

CBS electrical technicians are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to interior & exterior lighting for commercial construction and renovations. We offer installation, maintenance and repair of lighting systems in Victoria, BC and the surrounding areas. We take pride in completing every project efficiently, while delivering great service with minimal disruption to others who are working in the space. We service a wide range of commercial settings, including retail spaces, offices, restaurants, malls, apt / condos, and industrial work sites.


New Condominium Building

Whether you’re requiring a new installation or you’re looking to improve an existing system, we offer a wide range of modern solutions to fit any budget. We work with quality, reputable products to help ensure the safety and durability of your lighting installation for years to come. We install and maintain all types of light fixtures, and are accustomed to providing attractive and functional lighting environments for all kinds commercial settings. This can include include many different types of lighting fixtures, as well as decorative / accent lighting and the use of dimmers and timers. We’ve also got you covered when it comes to emergency lighting, and backup power systems.

Lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to how people will perceive a business in a commercial setting. In any given room or area, it’s important to coordinate the purpose of the space with the lighting that goes into it, for ease and comfort. Some spaces call for adjustable lighting, to meet the needs of multiple types of uses. Being proficient in lighting design, our reliable staff are ready to consult with you at any of the planning stages.

There are some large benefits when it comes to working with LEDs. Apart from being safer to run than incandescent or fluorescent lights, they can cut down on energy lighting costs by over 75%. They also last much longer than traditional types of bulbs, which cuts down on maintenance and disruptions to business operations. LEDs can be as bright as needed, and produces several different styles of light.


Factory Lighting

Interior Office Lounge Lighting

Track Lighting Combined With Indirect Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Outdoor lighting can help significantly improve the safety and security of a property for any customers and staff who are getting around at night. It also helps to secure equipment, data and the buildings themselves. We offer lighting solutions for building exteriors, courtyards, parking lots, pathways and fields.

Landscape lighting can add a whole new feel to an area at night time. Incorporating decorative lighting with functional lighting can help make people feel safe, comfortable and at ease when they are coming, going, or roaming around the area after dark.

Office Building - Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting at Office Building


Modern Office Building at Night


Pedestrian Walkway at Night

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