Security System Installation for Commercial


Planning a Commercial Security System

When it comes to security for commercial buildings, we hope for the best, although it’s important to be prepared in case something does happen. Regardless of the industry, it helps to protect people as well as equipment and data. It can also lower insurance costs, and give us some peace of mind. CBS electrical technicians are diligent at every stage of the process – from design to installation to maintenance and repair. We pride ourselves on quick and easy service, with minimal disruption to other contractors as well as employees and customers who are actively using the space.

Planning out a security system depends on different factors, such as what the space is being used for, and what type of monitoring is most practical. Options range from small enclosed systems, to high-tech solutions with advanced monitoring features. We are skilled and experienced when it comes to planning out security systems, and we always use trusted and reliable equipment. We are always available to consult with you to help identify some suitable options for your business.

Features Available for Security Systems

There is a huge range of products and services available when it comes to planning out a commercial security system. Here are some of the options we can help set you up with:


360 and Positioned CCTV Security and Surveillance Cameras


Positioned Surveillance Camera and Video Recording


Key Card Security Pad


Security Camera and Security Surveillance Examples

  • Motion detection systems with alarms and guard response
  • Interior and exterior HD video surveillance
  • Interior and exterior security lighting
  • 24 hour video and audio monitoring
  • Instant break-in detection through live monitoring
  • Integrated fire detection systems
  • Control and monitor your system remotely: view alerts, monitor video, control light-switches and lock doors all through an app on your smartphone
  • Data logging
  • Card-swipe and intercom systems

We are here to help get you up and running, and get all of your commercial security needs met. Contact us today for a consultation.

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