Electrical Services for New Construction – Residential

If you are building a new house, there is a lot of work that goes into each planning stage. Our electricians are committed to making the electrical part of that process go smoothly, and finish on time. We work efficiently around other contractors, and ensure that the needs of a modern home are met conveniently and cleanly. Everything we install meets safety standards and building code, find out more about our certified residential electricians by getting in touch with us.

Smart planning is crucial when it comes to building a house, since it’s a busy job site with a limited amount of time, space and resources. Workers need to work together in order to carry out many different tasks at the same time. Our technicians have the expertise to work around others, and complete tasks in a timely manner.


Electrical Plans for a New House

Electrical Home Inspection


Home Inspection of Wiring

Are you worried about the condition of your home electrical system, have moved to another home, or are planning to sell your property? The best way to ensure your electrical system is working properly is to schedule an electrical safety inspection.

There are many reasons to have an inspection done on existing electrical wiring. Your home may be more than 30 years old, or you may have old knob and tube wiring which needs to be brought up to code. Perhaps your insurance company has requested an inspection before they will insure your property.

Electrical Services for Residential Construction

We can provide a temporary electrical hookup to power the job-site if you’re looking for a quieter and cleaner alternative to using generators. We can oversee any level of planning and installation of service panels, lighting, security & fire alarms, temperature control systems, and data wiring for electronic networking needs. With our technicians’ high levels of experience, we know what steps need to be taken during the different phases of construction. If you need to make any additions or alterations during construction, we can help to plan them out and complete them in a painless manner.


A New House Build


Installing Recessed Lighting


Installing a Junction Box


We can also accommodate any unique electrical needs you may have, such as a jacuzzi or electric gates. We’re available to help make electrical planning easier for you by suggesting locations for light switches and outlets. We are a one-stop shop for all your new construction electrical needs.

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