Electrical Services for Residential Renovations


Minor Renovations and Remodeling

Adding a rental suite to your existing residence or require to do some electrical home renovations? Perhaps you’re wanting to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, expand the sun room, or redesign your home office. Whatever the renovations may be, our friendly and professional CBS Electric experts are here to help. Our team of professional planners can review your designs and make suggestions about outlet and power supply placements. We can also make sure your dream office or new rental suite has the perfect lighting and ambiance to suit your needs and desires.

Electrical Renovations & large residential renovations

We understand how much a home renovation can disrupt the day-to-day lives of people living in the home. Our aim is to be efficient and plan things out smartly in order to ensure that projects are completed on time, and with a minimal impact to residents and other contractors. We work around your schedule to make it easier for you to focus on the rest of your renovation. We take a lot of care when it comes to preserving your home’s remaining infrastructure. At CBS Electric, we pride ourselves on getting things just right, and leaving everyone happy with their home’s new addition.


Electrician Connecting Wires to Junction Box


Electrician’s Working Area

Electrical work is an important part of any renovation. Our skilled technicians are experienced in all aspects of electrical home renovations and residential renovations. Whether it’s a minor project or one that calls for a complete overhaul of your home’s electrical system, there is no job too big or small for us to help with. We are always available to help with service panel upgrades, knob and tube rewiring, and data wiring for computer equipment and other appliances. It’s our promise to always clean up after the job is completed, leaving you with your new electrical upgrades.

Large Residential Renovations and Electrical Home Renovations

When renovating your home it is important to ensure all electrical installations are done safely and to code. When you begin a renovation, especially in an older home, knob and tube and aluminum wiring are common concerns we discover, especially in the Victoria area that is full of century old character homes.

If you are thinking of adding a rental suite or finishing that basement project that was started but never completed, CBS Electric will work with you to get your renovations done right. We will assess your home and property, and sit with you to help refine a plan of action that fits your budget and timeline. Our technicians offer customers a variety of electrical options for all varieties of technology. We talk about these options in order to ensure all electrical needs are included in the renovation plans.

Electrical problems may arise at any time, which is why it is important to have CBS Electric’s qualified electricians making sure all electrical work is up to industry standard. We work with you to ensure you get what you need, on time and most importantly – on budget. From small upgrades to new home builds – no job is too big or small.


Larger Renovation – Adding a Rental Suite

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