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A Variety of Security Options

When thinking about how to keep your home safe, most think security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms.

One of the things to think about is who you would want to monitor the system; a professional monitoring service or a self-monitoring system letting you keep an eye on your home through alerts and video feeds on your smartphone.

There are some self-monitoring systems that require you to pay a monthly fee for smartphone alerts, essentially charging you for self-monitoring. Without those alerts, you’ll have no idea if your alarm goes off if you’re not home.

Security Lighting

Motion Sensor or Timer

An Automatic Sensor system turns outdoor lights on. The moment motion is detected in the sensor’s field of view. Whether you are pulling your car into the driveway, walking up to your home or have visitors, this system will illuminate your property helping to keep everyone safe.

A Controlled Timing system, you can set the time when your outdoor lights turn on and off. With advanced lighting controls, you can set your own lighting range enabling you to both reduce energy consumption and keep your home illuminated.


Lights Turn On when Motion is Detected


Lights Turn on at Dusk (Programmed Timer)

Security Camera and CCTV’s

The main difference between security cameras and CCTV cameras is IP cameras (also know as security cameras) work within your LAN network. It can be wired or wireless. They usually login using a computer by typing in their IP address directly. On the other side, the CCTV cameras work on their own system connected to DVR with cable. To learn more digital protection and news on network video security check out: Axis Communications


Surveillance Camera Mounted Outside House Front Door


Hidden CCTV Security Camera

CCTV Camera - Exterior

CCTV Security Camera


Monitoring System

At CBS Electric, our qualified professionals can provide you with information about what type of security system might be right for your home. From start to finish, we install a complete security camera system and show you the resources to manage that system. From installation to walking you through the remote access application through your phone. We leave you with everything you need to immediately begin monitoring your residence, and have access to your footage through a cloud storage. The security cameras monitoring your home can be viewed live or remotely from any device such as smartphone or computer, to make sure your home is being protected.

Our high definition security cameras record, in daytime or during the night. They record only when motion is detected to save space and power, to record any important events as opposed to non-eventful events.

Security Alarm Systems

Choosing a security system that fits your needs can be challenging, as there are many types to choose from.

Monitored Alarm Systems are the most common type. If the alarm gets triggered, the system alerts a call center who will contact the police and the client. It’s important to make sure you use a cellular phone number as an alternative for a monitored alarm. This is done so that if outside phone lines are cut, the call center can still be alerted to the intrusion.

Another thing to consider when having your home monitored is, once the intruder sets the alarm off, they will usually have time to get in and get a few valuables by the time the call center and police are notified. Also, monitored home systems will usually be more expensive than any other type.

A second type of security system is a Self-Monitored System. When tripped, this system sets off loud sirens inside and outside your home. Most of the time loud sirens will be enough to drive burglars away since there will be a lot of unwanted attention drawn to the house. You also don’t have to pay monitoring fees, making it much more affordable.

A third type of security system is a Wireless Alarm System. It is easy to install, has no monitoring fees, and you can modify settings to suit your home. An example is, you can choose to use sensors, cameras, beams, and/or motion detectors. The best wireless monitoring systems are triggered by a built-in motion sensor, which means you won’t waste batteries and space recording empty footage. Auto-focus is another useful feature to have, which allows your camera to focus in on anyone who approaches it, no matter how far away they are.


Key Pad Security Alarm


Doorbell Video Intercom

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