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There are some large benefits to owning an electric vehicle and car with a electric car charger. They include saving money on not having to buy fuel, and helping to take care of the environment. If you have invested in an electric vehicle, it’s important to have a reliable electric car charger ready. Therefore, you can get around whenever you need to. Most of your charging needs are taken care of by having the ability to charge your car at home. For a more detailed breakdown of how electric compares to gasoline-fuelled, check out Benefits of Electric Cars.

The cost of charging a vehicle is about one third of what it would cost to fuel it with gasoline. In addition to that, its operation doesn’t put anything toxic into the air. Check out the EV Savings Calculator for a more accurate estimate of how much money you can save. We also offer commercial electric car chargers, contact us to find out more!

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EV Charging Station

More and more car charging stations are being installed in public and work places. This helps to meet the demands of the growing market. Access to a charging station is a huge feature for the growing number of people who are switching over to an electric vehicle. Charging stations are being installed in parkades and parking lots all over the city, with some parking stalls even being reserved for electric vehicles.

Incentive programs are available from time-to-time for people who are installing charging stations, and purchasing electric cars. There are waitlists available to receive incentives for installing car charging stations at residential buildings and workplaces. For more information, visit Plug In BC’s Charging Solutions & Incentives.

Our electricians can help you with all your car charging needs. Give us a call to book a free consultation today. Then, our qualified technicians will come to your home and discuss which charger is right for you. They can also help you decide where the best spot is to install it.


Home EV Charging Station Installation

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