Home Automation Installation

There are a handful of reasons why someone might choose to integrate home automation into their household. Some of the common interests that people have when considering this step are security, convenience, efficiency, comfort, or simply having a modern technological upgrade that can be enjoyed by the whole family. CBS electrical technicians are skilled, experienced and trusted when it comes to planning and installing automated home systems in Victoria BC.

Home automation reduces the amount of doing and thinking that would otherwise need to happen on a daily basis. It connects your devices together, and makes it easy to control, monitor, and manage settings in your home. It can replace the functionality of many switches, buttons and knobs, and enable you to control them from one convenient controller. For instance, you can control your lights and temperature remotely from your smartphone or tablet. You can also control humidity, curtains, gas fireplaces, security systems, garage doors, music & entertainment, lawn sprinklers and more.

Smart home control app on tablet

Smart Home Control App on Tablet

Benefits of Home Automation

It can automatically manage some aspects of home living that you would otherwise have to do yourself, using integration with devices and smart appliances around the home. To make things easier and more efficient, have them running on sensors and timers throughout your home. This makes for more convenience, and can also reduce your energy bill by ensuring that things are running only when it is practical. Your installation works with newer devices that interact directly with the system. You can also integrate older devices through the use of controlled outlets.

Control smart home from smartphone

Your Smart Home from Your Smartphone

Smart home stove top

Smart Home Stove-Top Control

A home automation installation also greatly enhances your household’s security system, helping to bring safety and peace-of-mind to you and your family. Interior & exterior motion sensors and security lighting can all be integrated. Cameras can be linked in to the system as well, and can be monitored from your smartphone at any time while you are out. Worrying about things like remembering to lock up, losing keys, and getting up to let people in are all a thing of the past when you have smart locks in place on your doors.

Our skilled and experienced electricians are here to help answer any questions, and assist you with the planning and installing of your home automation system. Feel free to get in touch with us to get the ball rolling!

Home Security Camera Monitoring on Tablet

Home Security Camera Monitoring on Tablet

Smart mirror

Smart Mirror

Smart home electric oven

Controlling an Electric Oven Remotely

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