In-Floor Heating


In-Floor Heating – (3-D image)

When you step onto a floor with radiant heating, you experience comfort at its best. With heat that gently radiates throughout the room or throughout your home, cold spots and temperature fluctuations are virtually eliminated. It works with a variety of heat sources and floor coverings to keep your home warm and comfortable.

This type of heating system is clean, quiet and economical. Instead of having a forced air system where the dust and allergens get blown around your home, radiant heating keeps the air cleaner, and better for the whole family.

Types of In-floor Heating

Depending on the type of in-floor heating you choose, it is possible to zone a radiant heating system using multiple thermostats. This will give you the ability to adjust temperatures in any room or rooms in your home. Based on how often some rooms are used, you can keep certain rooms at a lower temperature when not in use.

You can use this type of heating in floors, walls and ceilings. You can also install it in a single room or throughout your home or building. There are no heaters, radiators, heat registers or additional vents needed. Radiant heating is a great choice for today’s open floor plans, especially in areas with high ceilings.


Heating Floor System


In-Floor Heating Thermostat


In-Floor Heating with Concrete Overlay

Radiant heating compared to traditional hot air systems enables you to adjust the temperature at least 4ºF (2ºC) lower without having to sacrifice comfort. By reducing the temperature, along with the radiant heat transferring properties of water, you can enjoy savings of up to 25% or more per year in reduced fuel consumption and overall heating expenses

Radiant heating can be used with a variety of heat sources including geothermal heat pumps, solar collection systems and condensing boiler technologies, making additional savings possible. Give us a call today for a free in-home evaluation by one of our professional representatives. Let us help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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