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Solar panel installations are on the rise in Victoria BC, and are an ideal option for many homes in residential and rural areas. It is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of generating power for a household, and is relatively safe and affordable as well. Does your house have a roof that consistently receives daylight and has unused space? Then a solar panel installation may be a good investment for you.

Solar panel systems are expected to save people a lot of money in the long run, in comparison with current BC Hydro rates. These rates are likely to keep on rising substantially, which would continue to improve the value of a solar power investment over time. Hardware and installation are the main costs associated with this type of system, and there is generally little maintenance needed beyond that. Outside of those expenses, you pay nothing for the energy itself.


Various Solar Panel Sizes and Styles


Solar Panels and Water Boiler


Water Boiler with Solar Panels Attached to House Roof

Solar panels are typically installed on a roof’s surface, although there are other options available as well. The panels capture sunlight, and convert it into usable power for your household. It can feed directly into your home’s electrical usage, and store any excess energy in batteries. That way, you can have some power backed up to be used during times of low light or heightened usage. They can supply a home with all of the energy it uses, or they can supplement a BC Hydro hook-up in order to reduce the amount of your utility bill.

Incentives and Rebates

There are a number of incentives available in BC for those who are switching over to using solar power for their homes. BC Hydro is currently offering their ‘Net Metering’ program which makes it easier to have a hybrid solar / hydro system in place. With this program, you have the option to sell your excess power to the utility company, and draw that same amount of electricity back from them when it is needed at no charge. If you have provided more energy than you have used, then they will pay you for it annually at the end of your account’s anniversary year. For more information on benefits and subsidies in BC, check out solar tax credits, incentives and solar rebates in BC.

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