Now you may think why would an electrician need an application for doing electrical work?

The fact is the digital era has taken over most of the old school book keeping that we used to do. For checking certifications, manuals or references and managing projects have become relatively easier with the touch of your hand. Rather than keeping a pen and paper around like the good old days, more than likely you are going to be carrying around a mobile device. So to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier when we are on the job we use these applications to help us get through the job. Here are some of our top 3 electricians apps for 2020.

1.Master electrician reference

Stated in its name; master electricians reference, is the holy grail to an electricians reference app. It is one of the best service reference apps out there with clear categories to find what you need fast. We in the past have used this app as a training reference, and have found even our more experienced contractors have kept the app for easy on hand references. The app itself is very easy to use, which carries a wealth of knowledge, unlike some others apps we have used in the past. It is clear and has a great search functionality so finding stuff within the app. The overall interface is really friendly, so just about anyone could use it. An additional feature that it has is a scientific calculator that we need for certain tasks we do while on the job.


ICertifi is an app where you can make a BS 7671 electrical certificate which can be made into a pdf for a quick print for clients. The app does not require us to be online to make the forms, so it’s great to make the certificates on the fly when you may not be able to have access to internet. One of the easiest app to use to provide the proper documentation for our customers with a secure way of receiving them.


3.DeWalt Mobile Pro™

This app is great for calculations we would need, such as generating the general square footage, and measurement conversions. The app also includes some references which come in handy when my contractors don’t want to switch around apps to get the information they need. What’s nice about this app is you don’t have to pay for everything that you do not need. You can pay up to what you want and what you need since this app will provide additional features you may not want.

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